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VIHB™ Interactive Prototype

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Examples from the VIHB™ Welcome Back Page
(This is what you would see upon re-login)

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How VIHB™ works:
After you've saved your changes in the fully interactive modules (shown below), VIHB™ presents you high level status information that you can use to track your costs, issues, schedules and other key information to help you make informed decisions.

What it does:
The next time you login to your personal work area, or reload your "Welcome Back" page, VIHB™ dynamically updates information based on changes you've made. It performs ongoing queries for messages and changes other approved people have made. It will also keep you abreast of issues from people on your project team. It's basically an efficient status panel for information at a glance.

VIHB™ Project Information Entry Page

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The beauty in the VIHB™ system is that you only need enter data one time. It automatically makes its way through all of the various phases of your project.

You don't have to worry about security and you don't have to worry about making typographical errors or leaving fields blank.

Ultimately, you should attempt to complete as much as possible so that the system helps you to the fullest extent possible as it renders your models.

are many more items to enter than we've illustrated here. The data entry process is truly dynamic. That means you can customize your needs with simple mouse clicks and keyboard entries.

digger3 This is a Fictional Project
for Demonstration Purposes Only


VIHB™ Project Assumptions Entry Page


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Beginning your actual home project:
As you can see from these examples, VIHB™ goes above and beyond any other interactive home-finder service.

Not only are our base templates stocked with these options, but you can add or subtract anything that you need. The sky is limit literally.

What it does:
When you select amenities, YOUR database (our "Awesome!" product) automatically prepares a place for everything related to that item. It works on the costs, availability, options, installers, schedules and whatever is necessary to back your decision making process and project workflow. And the information stays with your home for the rest of its life.

It's a breeze to build a house this way.

VIHB™ 3D Interactive Model Page

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The first thing people say about the features of the VIHB™ system is "WOW!"

Because VIHB™ is currently under development, we have not shown all of the interaction buttons. The first market release will contain fabulous options to guide the non-technical person through every step. If you've never designed or built a home before, you will be absolutely amazed at what you can do.

After you start putting even the most basic elements together, the visual display can look this good.

In this picture, for example, you can click a button that comes back to your hard drive to upload a picture of the lot you're going to build on. If you don't have a picture, our system can teach you how to make one ready for upload. No problem.

The visualization server quickly pulls your words and selections into the visual presentation needed to help move your project quickly and efficiently.

Later on, after you download your plans to your computer, you can continue to customize them using the design software that's included on our new VIHB™ Software CD-ROM. (more on that later)

digger3 This is a Fictional Project
for Demonstration Purposes Only


VIHB™ Education about Building Materials


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VIHB™ can be very educational:
Our sponsors want us to offer high level of interactive Help Text and Diagrams about their products and services. In this example, you're able to learn a great deal about one popular structural framing and insulation product line.

How we do it:
VIHB™ uses your product selections in a number of ways. It takes into account that fact that you might as well obtain everything there is to know about products and services going into your household. Not because you've got to read it now, but because at some point, someone will need to know something before a key decision is made.

It's a breeze to learn about building your house this way.

VIHB™ Interactive Project Schedule

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As your project grows, your context sensitive calendar application will help you and/or your team do the thinking, tracking, planning and management every step of the way.

• Never again will important aspects of your project fall through the cracks.

• Everyone of the professionals on your project team will be certified in the technologies used within the Household Dynamics Master Planned Housing System.

• Documentation will be available in not only the standard format which industry will continue to use for many years to come, but also everything that goes into your project will be condensed for you to keep with your home indefinitely.

What other builder is this advanced?

VIHB™ Project Collaboration


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VIHB™ brings people together:
When you are working on your home building or remodeling project before the stages of getting everyone else excited, you can setup your collaboration center. You can add people to your project by giving them a user account and permission to the area of your project they work in. It's a secure system, meaning they cannot change or delete your information. They are also bound to confidentiality agreements that you help craft as needed.

What it does:
VIHB™ Collaboration is simply a powerful messaging system that gets fed by your project database. It displays comments similar to a message board, but in addition, it allows your project team to work on your project remotely. That might just make a lot of people very happy.

How parties get involved:
VIHB™ software (optional) can be shipped to everyone who uses communication technology in their business. We would grant access to our commerce systems based on the dynamics of our business relationship, as would our client grant access to their project team where necessary in order to achieve project goals.

We don't want to be a monopoly, but we do want to make the industry flow more smoothly as prosepctive customers prepare themselves to help in the process of building their dream home.

According to David Rotter, of Rottlund Homes in Minnesota, "People want to customize their homes much more.... and that's the challenge we must deal with as builders"

VIHB™ - The easy way to affordability

digger3 This is a Fictional Project
for Demonstration Purposes Only

If you aren't excited by now, then you might as well go back to those other Internet search engines...

We are in business to bring you value, control, options and decision support. Once you are in the drivers seat, you call the shots and name your price. Step up to the plate and build your house online today.

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