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...designed for CHEVROLET ASTRO / GMC SAFARI Enthusiasts... get a new frame, engine, transmission, drive/powertrain, wiring and paint...


We hope to make it easy to get started bringing in your van. On this system and in the User Guide Section, you should be able to learn what it takes to make in depth working plans and documents. Homyak Systems™ is a multi-user powerful open source platform. That means you can have everything just how you want it without doing any heavy lifting in the system programming.  

Enter the Homyak Systems (HS™) VRP™ (Vehicle Rebuilder Program) 

The virtual integrated HSVRP system is blockchain software that allows you to create and manage your minivan rebuilding project documents and the entire team of people easily by separating the creation of your job plan from the mechanics required to present it on the web.

In this system, the content is stored in a database that becomes the assembled job file. The look and feel are created by a template. Homyak Systems brings together the template and your content to create your Job File. Each time you log in, you can return to your job. You can also make your project accessible to any other people that you need to by sending information to their EMail to get them started. 

While you're at it, check out the The ASTRO SAFARI Auto Pedia™ 

The ASTRO SAFARI Auto Pedia™ (TASAPedia™), helps you to begin a master-planned CHEVROLET ASTRO or GMC SAFARI van conversion project, then plan a full-scale buildout as you reach all the vendors, dealers, suppliers and enhusiasts who love these vans. 

Homyak Systems is giving you a powerful information system resource that will absolutely facilitate your plans for our own approach to your own document repository -- in order to help offload the demand on body shops ~ as we have laid the groundwork and done some heavy lifting to help ASTRO / SAFARI owners pursue an active organized van rebuilding project.


Together HSVRP has produced our Virtual Interactive Car Builder™ (VICB™) website where you select everything visually to build your vehicle.


Your dreams come to life after logging on to our open source system with powerful multi-user capabilities


To login to this system you must use the username and password that were created by yourself as part of the registration process.

Once logged-in you will be able to create and edit plans and modify some settings. After you decide to join in, be ready to access your EMail in order to complete your membership activation.


We are creating this new library, dedicated to GM, CHEVROLET ASTRO / GMC SAFARI mini vans built in Baltimore, Maryland

2023 ASTRO / SAFARI Mini Vans - 40 years in the making 1980's through 2020's

MY ASTRO - Van from 2004 renewed in 2023

MY SAFARI Van from 1985 renewed in 2023

Jimmy's pair of 00's ASTRO Van twin siblings - combined 32 years in the making

Once you are logged-in, several new menus will be visible. Early on in your process, you will be able to add documents and goals into this system. To create a new library holding, click on the "Add New Holdings" link on the Main Menu.

The new holdings interface gives you a lot of options, but all you need to do is add a title and put something in the content area. To make it easy to find, and then set the state to published. This makes for an easy place to keep all of your product research. By default all of the new products and services that you add in this manner will subsequently display on the every expanding "Home Content" list -- shown at the upper left column on PC Computers and at the top of the screen on smaller devices. You will see the entire lefthand column at the top on small devices.

You can edit an existing product by clicking on the edit icon (this only displays to your Team Members who have the right to edit -- such as Owner-Builders and Project Managers). Vendors and Contractors will also be able to create their own and edit their own entries. 

Template, site settings, and modules

The look and feel of our system is controlled by templates. You can change the site name, background colour, highlights color and more by editing the template settings. Click the "Template Settings" in the Work Area menu.

The containers around the main content of the site are called modules and sections of your home projects are also referred to as modules. You can modify modules on the current page by moving your cursor to the module and clicking the edit link. Always be sure to save and close any module you edit.

You can change some site settings such as the site name and description by clicking on the "Site Settings" link.

More advanced options for templates, site settings, modules, and more are available in the site administrator back-end of this system which we've taken a large amount of time to prepare for you in advance.

Front-End Site and Back-End Admin Features

Our system actually has two separate sites. The public site (also called the front-end) is what visitors to a site will see. The Admin (also called the back-end) is the private side only used by people managing your site. You can access the administrator by clicking the "Site Administrator" link if this link happens to appear on the "User Menu" menu at your access level (visible once you login if your access level is high enough) or by adding /administrator to the end of your domain name. The same username and password are used for both sites.

Learn more about our system and services

There is much more to learn about how to use Homyak Systems to create the documentation you will need. You can learn much more by all the research you can do right from here at our website.

Let's focus on building your ASTRO or SAFARI virtually...

First, Congratulations on your decision to build your ASTRO / SAFARI project using Jim Homyak's new Libraries!

We hope to present complete lists of everything you will need - over the web - here at Homyak Systems. Give us a holler anytime. 

Throughout this eye-opening opportunity, we are sharing the kind of lists that other people had to decide upon when they built their van rebuilding repositories without a librarian (Project Manager Consultant) helping them along the way at all times before the entrance of Homyak Systems and our document marketplace. We are aware of many dozens of authors who have published books on the subject. We are not aware of any other web-based resource to approach complete van building like we are. We really enjoy this work and we hope you do too. 

Example List of ASTRO / SAFARI Van Rebuilding using the VICB™ Topics at Homyak Systems to convert your van into a stealth miniature motor home:

  1. Removal of all uni-body style vehicle chassis components and systems

  2. Intake, Disassembly, Refurbishing, Outfitting, Delivery (Our 5 Phase method to revise everything bumper to bumper top to bottom) 

  3. Flooring-type, color, style, brand

  4. Appliances-brand, color, style, size

  5. Light fixtures/Roof vents/fans

  6. Cabinets-material, style, color, configuration/layout

  7. Countertops, sink, & faucet-material, color, finish effects, configuration/layout

  8. Exterior Trim, Mouldings and Millwork

  9. Interior Trim, Mouldings and Millwork

  10. Paint and Stain

  11. Floor tub material, color, style, brand,

  12. Mobile collapsible portable shower surround

  13. Mobile Comode, paper, basin, faucet, mirror & towel 

  14. Mobile first aid, radio, recharging and eye-wash station

  15. Outlet/light switch placement around the cabin

  16. Ceiling finishes (i.e. tray, textured, smooth, etc)

  17. Interior & exterior doors, switches, levers and knobs

  18. Cabinet hardware, pulls and drawer locks

  19. System Dashboard:  alarm system, control panels, heads-up display, 12-volt DC / 120V AC

  20. Hot water heater-size, brand, type (i.e. tankless, gas, etc)

  21. Storage and holding tank systems

  22. Interior / exterior Insulation and finishing systems 

  23. Interior veneer siding/window blinds-brand, color, style

  24. Light weight trailer for houaling various gear Porch/Deck-materials & finish

  25. Solar panels for top of vehicle roof, color, brand

  26. Exterior lighting, weather station, radio system, 

  27. Outdoor water spigots (placement, type, number)

  28. Replacement Chassis 2X4 or 4X4 with manual transmissions & gear ratios for off-road power.

  29. Homyak Systems drivetrain and powertrain plan

  30. Engine - wide selection

  31. Transmission - up to 6 good choices

  32. Radiator / Cooling System

  33. Electrical / Window Motors / Door Lock Motors / Fans / Fuse Blocks / Wiring Harness

  34. Steering / Braking / Suspension / Exhaust /  Axles / Differentials / U-Joints

  35. Glass / Upholstery / Insulation / Weather striping / window and door rubberized fittings

  36. Paint / Finish / Ceramic Coating

We intentionally left many categories of products out of this list. 

30 subjects are by no means an exhastive list... but at least we give you a start in learning what to expect as you dive in.

Once you get the hang of it by using the selection forms included in your Owner-Builder access capabilities, you will be well on your way to doing it yourselves.

Doing what ourselves?

  • Planning your ASTRO / SAFARI van conversion
  • Planning your Apartment living systems
  • Planning your bedroom
  • Planning a new deck
  • Car restoration
  • New home constuction
  • becoming an Owner/Builder

Some of this example information will be needed in due time during your planning (i.e. frame style, 2X4 or 4X4 drivetrain, camper/kitchen configuration/size of appliances, etc.) and while the remainder of the lengthy detail will be needed as your proceed (i.e. paint color, floor finishes, curtains, etc) with your study and decision making.

We've organized the VICB™ and the VIHB™ block-chain systems to help you privately keep record of your entire project. We've even made it possible for anyone on your building team to use their portable devices, to interact with this system, from wherever they are, to help you reach your milestones. The Logged in username will always see only its own project records. To each their own.

Good luck with everything!

When you get a preliminary set of drawings from your architect or draftsman, ask them for an electronic copy so that you can post them on your "Work Area - Project Documents" page and/or the 'Building a Home Online' forum where you can ask for feedback.

It's unbelievable the considerations that other members can mention... ideas that you may never would have thought of until you move into your new house. You'll be amazed how well the project can go when you use a power tool to organize yourself.

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