Welcome to Homyak Systems … where we are exempt unincorporated Americans who are privately doing whatever it takes to help each other along side today’s fraudulent and illusory bullet-riddled society.

What I do…

In my lifetime, thirty years of which as a grown man, (yes, me, James Allen of the Homyak family) I have been successful in thirty kinds of handy work — which I’ve condensed into a short list:

  • computer repair, service and ownership decisions
  • automobile maintenance and buying decisions
  • electronics use, repair, disposal and purchase decisions
  • consulting in just about any subject matter
  • business admin as Federal U.S. Citizens or exempted
  • construction and remodeling
  • plumbing and electrical
  • finish carpentry and cabinet making
  • study and research
  • system design and implementation
  • systems analysis and much more

About Me

I grew up in Minnesotan geographical places such as near Bloomington, near Shakopee, near Prior Lake and upon south Minneapolis’s many neighborhoods.

I’ve come to know and have gotten acquainted with over five thousand people from all walks of life — some are even famous around the Minneapolis area (such as Doug Berg and Matt Dornquast) and I’ve owned four successful businesses and ninety unsuccessful businesses — and that’s a testament about how I never stop even in the face of failure.


The best methods of reaching me are…

By Phone – call 406-589-6927 between 9am and 5pm mountain time – leave a message as I do call-screen 24/7

By eMail – drop me a message to and I will get back to you ASAP