Virtual Interactive Home Builder
by Household Dynamics

VIHB™ Interactive Prototype

Inside VIHB™
(how the system does its magic)


Down to the nitty-gritty....

VIHB™ is our middleware between a powerful construction application package and our monster database. Over 500,000 products and services are referenced... and the product data to go along with that is detailed down to every last nook and cranny.

Whether your house needs a Kitchen Aid dishwasher, or your child needs a pair of CCH hockey skates, or if your car needs a tune-up or your refridgerator and cupboards are bare, no worry. VIHB™ takes care of the home building aspects and "Awesome!" takes care of the lifestyle management aspects.

The above illustration shows how VIHB™ can actually build a tall building it you were to ask for one while in your work area. It's truely dynamic, however really only focused on the household areas at this time.

But let's suppose you really do want a tall building for a house. And have the money to do it. Then we'd be excited to help you make it happen.

If you would like to build your house virtually online before getting everyone too excited and involved.... all you have to do is setup your membership account.

Be sure to read our Terms of Use and Privacy policies.

• Feel free to build your lifestyle along with it, because that's what we specialize in.

• Yes, this Vertical Marketing Web-based Business might as well pull them all together, since no other group has come this far... and besides, we know you wouldn't trust this to just anyone. We are the real McCoy.

Let's go have a look inside...

 B a c k   o n e   s l i d e
 C o n t i n u e


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