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A powerful force has emerged

Homyak Systems is empowered by the Internet

Homyak Systems (HS) is forming the last day of December, 2022 through the visionary leadership of one extraordinary technologist, Jim Homyak. Research and development efforts began in 1986 with the formation of a private housing industry and lifestyle management think-tank. Our current 2023 website is our prototype.

In our early years, before the Internet became so popular, we knew that advanced household communication technology would be the key to youth advancement at the turn of the century. Information and communication technology is transforming every aspect of the global economy and HS is here to help people benefit from these changes.

With diligence, we've worked very carefully to formulate strategies for helping people to help themselves. Timing is everything. Emerging any sooner would have been an economic mistake because society was not ready or equipped to embrace such large-scale methods to solve their own problems and better manage their personal affairs.

Working for the benefit of mankind

HS has been developing the world's first Household Operations Management System that couples Master Planned Housing concepts together with Lifestyle Management and Decision Support systems. The terminology associated with our company name exemplifies the understanding we've developed from our work in creating unified systems and it also describes our mission of providing a means to develop solutions.

Homyak Systems brings consumers the world's first Internet-based Virtual Interactive Home Building solution that incorporates all of the relevant and beneficial technologies. It's our cradle-to-grave approach. 

Homyak Systems enables prospective home buyers in any income bracket to engage in secured electronic home planning and consulting sessions any time of the day or night with any "Awesome!" enabled company or agency. Again, it's our cradle-to-grave approach.

Homyak Systems helps people create virtual scenarios to illustrate the relationship between ideals and possible applications within chosen themes. The ability to review possible outcomes of various packages is a powerful tool to help in decision making and implementation.

When working with Homyak Systems, the process of selecting products and services needed to design and build a new home becomes more affordable, more efficient and more informative. The possibility for anyone to create a powerful lifestyle is also very real.

The opportunities in this industry are incredible!

The larger companies in the home building industry began implementing integrated software systems back in the mid 80's, but they still haven't released these tools directly to consumers. Isn't it only fair that prospective home buyers benefit from the same powerful tools to reduce costs and build value? Given appropriate resources and tools, citizens can solve their own problems and share in the savings too.

In the US alone, the residential single-family new home construction and remodeling industry has grown to $350 Billion dollars. Consumer goods and services topped $2.1 Trillion dollars in 1999. (The entire construction industry worldwide has grown to $3.2 Trillion dollars.) These industries represent the largest vertical market ever known, and the Internet is a perfect solution to the mountains of paperwork and mismanagement affecting the construction industry.

As a matter of fact, on January 5, 2000, BuildNet, Inc., a leading E-business, technology, and project management systems provider for the home building industry, announced that it raised $104.7 million dollars in a recent round of financing. Top manufacturers had teamed up to help BuildNet increase capacity of its innovative construction management system that automates business-to-business transactions through the Internet. BuildNet is one of the first two companies in the US to provide seamless connections from builders to their distributors and from distributors to their manufacturers, so they can all conduct their daily business activities with unprecedented efficiency and speed.

20+ years ago, while one third of residential construction in the United States was "managed by one  of BuildNet's unique schedule-driven integrated construction management systems—designed to improve operating efficiency," virtually none of those home owners used any form of interactive automated Internet-based services to pre-build their home or preselect the parties who were involved in their project. That's a huge problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Our innovative product and service packaging concept is here to help home buyers do just that! The market is evolving to a new frontier of decision support and integrated lifestyle management.

What about Building Permits? That is where our next potential affiliate will step up to the plate with a GrandSlam homerun in the top of the 1st inning.

Innovations such as these are clearly necessary in order for HS to affordably and effectively link our systems to the industry.

Other examples of opportunities in this industry are advanced building materials which are stronger, more affordable and easier to work with. Also public-private initiatives are becoming more focused on benefiting young people who are entering the housing industry after attending vocational education programs.

Introducing the "AWEZOM!" System

Homyak Systems is a front-runner in developing the consumer side of the industry, and it's huge. We focus on key enablers that home buyers should use to benefit from opportunities created by companies who develop and utilize E-business technology. Our focus doesn't have to stop at home buyers either. There are so many possibilities.

HS intends to become a catalyst for privatized individual lifestyle autonomy by providing a transparent gateway for consumers to make ongoing informed choices about virtually every area of their households and lifestyles. Careful choices can actually germinate into the development and direction of "lifestyle profiles" that arrange and manage thousands of subjects almost automatically. Our entire lifecycle concept promises huge benefits to those who believe in it, use it properly and let it run like an appliance around the clock.

Our "Awezom!" series of solutions will allow anyone using an Internet browser to connect to our electronic community and begin turning their home ownership dreams and lifestyle ideals into a reality. Our system facilitates the discovery, review, selection and arrangement of building products and services while seamlessly exchanging information with E-business enabled service providers across any browser platform.

"Awezom!" is also a "privatized residential operating system" designed to operate on the homes own Household Information System (an array of products included in every new home or building we build).

Any member of our online community becomes a home buying prospect after they are pre-qualified by one of our mortgage lenders. As the prospect enters the initial stages of planning to order a new home featuring our plans and systems, their very own "Awezom!" System Configuration (a type of directory structure) is essentially personalized by all those plans and choices being made while they are working inside their private database. "Awezom!" continues to develop its data and communication structure while working with the prospect.

At various check points along the way, it becomes more obvious to "Awezom!" whether or not the prospect is going to close the deal. If a prospect aborts the deal, or resets their database, "Awezom!" presents options as to how to handle the data generated thus far. But if the prospect continues their plan, "Awezom!" remains on track, determined to stay on time and on budget. "Awezom! continues its mission of mixing everything together into the plans used by all parties involved, and it continues to become an "agent assistant" for the prospect on their way to becoming a client. Then the deal comes to a close and funds change hands.

After home construction begins, our systems engineers install all associated options that have been selected along with the "Awezom!" base system. Any product and service customizations are also applied at this time. The initial personalization stage comes to a close while the privatization phase continues and the lifestyle management extensions begin to get acquainted with the building.

Getting connected will be easy.

Prospective buyers can use HS's unique Virtual Interactive Home Builder™ system and its Virtual Interactive Auto Builder™ system(found exclusively at our Site) to browse electronic catalogs, make selections, view multidimensional images, store and reuse plans, develop ideas and allow data to be shared with other selected parties through direct computer-to-computer links—instead of wasting expensive time driving around town or using phones, faxes, mail and obsolete PC-based home design software programs. Accurately planned trips around town (the enjoyable ones) come later.
Once you are "Awezom!" enabled, you own a powerful database record that can automatically exchange specific job information, track product and service choices, develop a total home inventory, place orders, arrange financing, verify provider credentials and continue offering added levels of consumer protection and knowledge management.

While logged into our Vortal (vertical portal) you effortlessly engage in interactive commerce, where your private database record talks with other computers (via cXML) to automatically process product and service information, including buying, delivery, construction, payment, move in, setting up house and home, and enjoying all of the benefits for as many years into the future as you would like.

After you logout, the system continues to work for you, automatically exchanging information with respect to your instructions. The level of service provided is totally up to you, and can be customized in a wide variety of ways. You can scale "Awezom!" back (by default) to bring you news and information about your interests, or when you're in the advanced stages of producing your home, "Awezom!" can focus on arranging your selected deliverables, as shown below.

At some later point, if you're still interested, we can give a snapshot of the thousands of things "Awezom!" can do for its respective owner after being installed into the building (or house) in which they are living.

E-Business: Behind the scenes

When completely implemented, a prospective home buyer using our system can plan ahead interactively and see specific material and labor needs, and even tag them according to project dates. Imagine being able to prepare your plans so effortlessly and to get all your ducks in a row before even calling to get your banker, builder and real estate agent all excited. You might not be ready to move as quickly as they are. You could end up being hounded by a variety of high-pressure salespeople. Why would you want to be subjected any longer to the limitations of the conventional commerce model?

The primary deliverable from our service includes the following:

  • Home Building Project Management
  • 3-D Virtual Interactive Modeling, Cars, Trucks, Houses
  • Data Storage for Your Customizations
  • Complete Auto Rebuilding Project Plans
  • Complete Home Project Plans
  • Complete Home Project Blueprints
  • Materials Specifications and Parts Lists, Auto & Home
  • Pricing and Availability
  • Construction Timelines
  • Supervisory Checklists
  • Financial Information
  • Moving Checklists
  • Community Information
  • Homeowners Warrant Package
  • Electronic Copies of Product Literature
  • Information Technologies
  • Membership Buying Club
  • Automobile Buying Club
  • Added Bonuses

Bid requests, product specs, quantities, and other related data will can be transmitted on-demand via the Internet, from your project on our server initially, to your selected providers. The provider's computer can be used to respond to the buyer (Owner-Builder) with current and specific pricing along with product availability and scheduling data—all available in vendor computers as a byproduct of their industry networks.

The chain of events is simple.

  • The Owner-Builder makes complete plans and selects parts and components for their project while logged into their database via our portal. They pay their 50% deposit fee in money order or cashiers check to our Minnesota shop, FOB, upon delivery/arrival of their van to our gate. There is a key drop. We start the job's numbering using the last 8 of its VIN visible through the front window to become    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8  -2023 
        then on it's MSO that you receive from us, #01 in front of this resulting no.
        #01-12965411-2023  (example VIN)

  • Planned travels occur to help lock-in and solidify initial plans, which are then updated by the user through their database. Before traveling, the client can download and print pre-formatted forms that make it easy to organize notes about their project. 

  • The plans are submitted to engineering to begin our 5 Phase Workflow. The shop's computer prepares the project for the supply chain.

  • The distributor's computers accept the order and create shipping manifests, and the Job Master BOM entries drive the PO line items.

  • Everyone's schedules get synchronized to each of our Day to Day projects.

  • Your Building Permit is applied for, approved and received electronically via the Internet. Your Automobile job begins its Day 1 on a 28 day plan.

  • When delivered to the building site, products will be inspected visually, inventoried electronically and signed for by our supervisor with a secured electronic signature device.

  • Job-site photographers will submit digital photos via the Internet to the project work area where authorized persons such as bankers, supervisors and clients can monitor progress.

  • Upon authorization, the distributors will generate and automatically send electronic invoices from their computers to our computer and then on to the computers of those in our network of providers.

  • Payments are then authorized and the funds change hands electronically. The project would then continue as planned.

  • Building inspections and other code compliance issues are communicated and resolved as scheduled.

All the while, as in the BuildNet example, those parties involved will use E-business solutions to interact with their manufacturers, vendors and distributors in a highly efficient way. They will be able to accurately monitor inventory in real time, see what's selling, adjust production and delivery schedules, and distribute their products based on real-time data. Most importantly, they can stop the costly practice of managing inventory and labor on a "just-in-case" basis.

The difference between E-Commerce and E-Business

E-commerce and E-business are two separate subjects. BuildNet and BidCom are examples of E-business solutions, unlike regular Web-based commerce (E-commerce), where you click and buy items over the Internet with static information that only moves in one direction (from the seller to the buyer). Instead, the buying and selling that pass through the networks of companies like BuildNet is comprised of a series of automated transactions that take place behind the scenes. It's similar to electronic transactions that take place in the background when you use your ATM card at a bank, where your bank and the owner of the ATM are automatically and instantly alerted about the withdrawal. These transactions are conducted from one computer to another through automated electronic handshakes that take place without human intervention.

Internet Business Facts
The future is E-business; just look at the dollars. In 1998, only $7.8 billion was spent on all combined Web commerce (people buying from Web Sites) while $43 billion was spent on E-business (businesses transacting with other businesses). E-business is expected to grow to $4 trillion by 2003, which is almost twenty-five percent of all worldwide business sales.

Benefits Homyak Systems Brings To You

There are hundreds of benefits you will enjoy from our total quality management approach to master planned housing and integrated lifestyle management. We're going to touch on just a few of them here:

  • saving time

    The information, resources, project management tools and professional guidance through our online systems will give you back literally hundreds of hours. What would you rather be doing?

  • saving money

    We have documented examples where common ordinary citizens have saved tens of thousands of dollars by being informed and involved in the design and building of their homes.

  • ease in making informed decisions

    Just as easily as you type your thoughts into your profile, the system returns with the kinds of information that are vital to your decision making process. Whether its comparing products or choosing providers, we'll help you obtain current statistics and performance data. Imagine learning what the Better Business Bureau has to say about XYZ Plumber before you get stuck with leaky pipes. That is truly only the start in what the Internet can provide.

  • the most advantageous information at your fingertips

    Tapping into the largest knowledge base on earth seems like a wise choice now that YOU HAVE THE ABILITY to put it all together for yourself. We're not only talking about that new house you're dreaming about, but also that Rec. Room, that lounge chair, that kitchen, those sports activities your children wonder about. Why should a company like us leave anything out of the picture?

  • new abilities

    Most of the people we've talked to who've had a home built, or had stock plans modified to meet their requirements, ended up with very nice homes. But their projects sort of stopped right there. Sure they gained some new abilities and understanding. But now what? Life as usual? With HS, you will have many more abilities because you can now have a lifestyle that is genuinely built around your goals, ideals, dreams and realities.

Everyone knows that putting a household together today is a huge challenge. Deciding on even the smallest of details and being involved in every step using today's methods can be an enormous headache. However, you could begin to realize these benefits and more from the moment you begin a membership with our company.

The benefits of homes built with the most advanced materials and techniques the industry that come standard with powerful information technology products are almost unimaginable. Why miss out?

Studies have shown that speculative homes (built quickly under the assumption that home owners trade up after a few years) usually suffer some form of structural problem that ends up costing thousands of dollars to remedy. "Spec home" developers and builders often move too quickly from project to project focusing primarily on making money. However, we see room for improvement when it comes to increasing property values and owner equity at the outset by taking time to do the best work possible and to focus on prevention.

With our system, Developers can maximize on economies of scale at the same time they build homes that exactly meet the needs of buyers as well as the long term needs of the community... homes that last longer and cost less to operate and maintain.

Many social benefits can also be realized as children grow to maturity in a given neighborhood for a longer period of time, as they build values while living in a home that better matches their individuality.

Studies show that for every $50,000 dollars spent on building materials, over 30 hours are lost to obsolete methods between builders and suppliers. Such waste stems from inefficient handling of responsibilities and the fixing of production mistakes. In fact almost every new home site generates one large dumpster (10 - 14 yards) of construction waste. HS will largely eliminate the waste, by enabling information exchange that will carry all the data required to arrange projects accurately in real time. Check out BidCom, for example.

"The building industry has massive market potential, and Internet-based technologies can shave up to 30 percent off of the costs associated with any given project," says Kent Allen, senior e-commerce analyst with the Aberdeen Group. "Given the traditionally thin profit margins in the industry and based on recent increases in the cost of building materials, technology solutions such as Bidcom's will continue to be adopted at a fast rate."

The Buyers
You spend time reviewing product and service choices, making excellent home and lifestyle profiles, developing your dream home from the idea stage to the three dimensional walk-through phase, selecting your project team and telling them exactly what you want. You arrange and package your choices in such a way as to get the best value as well as immediate equity.

The Builders
They maximize efficiency in every area from products and pricing to information handling, to actual work on the job site. Materials and labor will arrive when needed, respective to each job's building schedule, which is constantly updated in the customers database from the job site supervisor. Your builder will spend more time on quality control, finishing your project, and scheduling new business.

The Distributors
The supply chain will enjoy a seamless front-to-back network that exchanges information in real-time. Manual processing of information, billing cycles and inventory management will be dramatically reduced and inventories will be based on real demand from approved orders.

The Manufacturers

Production and inventory supplies will be based on real-time data that manages the supply chain in response to real needs. Exchanging information, even across multiple platforms or tracking systems, will be accurate and effortless. Every HS partner that is "Awesome!" enabled will become more efficient, because critical data, both inside and outside their systems, will be easier to exchange, compare, and analyze.

With HS, you have an exciting opportunity to have a beautiful new home of the future - TODAY!!!

The Homyak Systems Vehicle Rebuilding Program™ and Virtual Interactive Home Builder™ and our network of providers will be available in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota by summer 2023.

If you would like additional information on our soon-to-be-released Internet Application Suite or opportunities to work with us, please call 1-612-271-5203.

Now that you're at least thinking about a rebuilt van, a new home and improving your lifestyle, we hope that you wouldn't trust this to just anyone.

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HS's Mission and Profile

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of living by integrating affordable, safe and effective products and services for the mutual benefit of households, families and communities.

To develop and maintain an interactive resource network that helps clients make informed choices and important decisions as we build and equip affordable homes, efficient lifestyles and reconstructed and enhanced automobiles.

Company Profile
HS is based upon a thirty-five year old housing research think-tank. We plan to emerge in Minnesota in the year 2023 and become the nations premier affordable car/truck/van rebuilding service and resource networking company.

The firm will be conducting the legal, accounting, banking and professoional consultations to begin start-up from our home office in Shakopee, Minnesota USA.

Systems and services developed by the company will serve prospective home buyers in planning and facilitating new home assisted living construction in The United States of American initially.

We have prepared extensive business plans and investor relations policies. If you are interested in working with QuadShare please call us at 1-612-271-5203 or send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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