ThermalSafe® Fire Resistant Panel

Metl-Span’s ThermalSafe® panel is an insulated metal panel made with non-combustible structural mineral wool core maximizing compressive strength with an exclusive double-tongue-and-groove interlocking side joint, LockGuard, further enhancing the fire resistant performance.

The ThermalSafe® insulated metal panel meets the required ratings required for today’s buildings through Intertek and UL fire approval, in both US and Canada. These panels are UL fire rated assemblies that achieve one-, two- or three-hour fire ratings for walls and 1.5 hours for ceilings. Fire resistant panels increase your building’s safety and protect materials, property and people from the spread of fires or from fires entering your building.

These fire rated panels have superior structural characteristics and span capabilities. In addition, the panel provides good thermal performance and protection from the elements that are perfect for industrial and high fire risk building applications.

ThermalSafe Fire Resistant PanelThermalSafe Joint Fire Resistant Panel


ThermalSafe Features and Benefits:

  • Non-Combustible core
  • One-step construction
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Reusable panels
  • Better sound absorption
  • Aesthetic Profile

ThermalSafe Product Features:

Width: 42″
Thickness: Nominal 3″*, 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″
Length: 8′-0″ to 40′-0″, variable by thickness
R-Value: See Data Sheet
Exterior Profile: Ultra-Light Mesa, Santa Fe or Striated, nominal 1/32″ deep, embossed
Exterior Face: G-90 galvanized or AZ-50 aluminum-zinc coated steel in 26 and 24 Ga.
Interior Profile: Ultra-Light Mesa, nominal 1/32″ deep, embossed
Interior Face: G-90 galvanized or AZ-50 aluminum-zinc coated steel in 26 and 24 Ga.
Joint: Exclusive LockGuard side joint has a flush, double-tongue-and-groove connection of the metal faces with an advanced integral spline to join the mineral wool core
Core: Non-combustible, rigid mineral wool lamellas. Mineral wool fibers are oriented perpendicular to the panel faces for maximum structural strength.
Thermal Values: K-Factor of 0.275 at 75°F (24°C) mean temperature (btu/sf/hr./deg.F)
Testing & Certifications: See Data Sheet

*No hourly rating available.

ThermalSafe Fire Resistant Panels Related Projects:

  • The Ark at JFK Airport: The Ark at JFK also utilizes nearly 6,000 square feet of Metl-Span’s 7-inch ThermalSafe fire rated panels. The panels achieve a three-hour fire resistance rating, helping the design team meet today’s stringent fire codes and bring the 60-year-old cargo facility into the 21st century.
  • Fallsview Indoor Waterpark: The waterpark facilities, situated atop the parking structure, called for local code requirements of a two-hour rating on the firebreak panels installed on the ceilings of the four parking levels. Therefore ThermalSafe fire resistant panels were installed.
  • Sofidel Centerville: The Sofidel Centerville, the first greenfield paper plant, utilizes nearly 500,000 square feet of Metl-Span’s 6-inch ThermalSafe insulated metal wall panels, achieving a two-hour fire rating, helping meet building code requirements. The project followed a rigorous construction schedule allotting just over two years to complete the massive paper plant.



IMPs go up a little quicker and there’s a lot less effort and coordination involved. The ease of installation and the effect on our schedule was an important factor.”

ThermalSafe Panels

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