Advantages of building a Lifetime Steel Home...

 • Fireproof Steel Framing Systems!
 • No termites... No rot... EVER!
 • Forget HIGH WIND damage!
 • Save BIG MONEY on energy costs!


Strength of Steel

Many of the advantages of buying a Tri-Steel home stem from the superior strength to weight ratio of steel. Our steel framing systems provide homeowners additional security and safety for their investment, and more importantly, their family. Steel's inherent strength and non-combustible qualities enable a steel framed home to resist such devastating events as fires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. Homes framed with steel are straighter, stronger, and more resistant to natural disasters, termites, and insects. These superior qualities are among the many reasons why some insurance companies offer discounts on Tri-Steel homeowner policies.

Our homes can be designed to meet the highest seismic, wind, and snow load specifications in any part of the country. Our homes also feature super insulated steel roofing shingles that outlast asphalt shingles by a factor of two to one.


Energy Efficiency

The high-strength framing of a Tri-Steel home creates wider exterior wall cavities (9 inch) than in typical wood frame construction (6 inch). This allows the installation of much thicker 9" fiberglass batt insulation or other products we carry such as Icynene expanding foam insulation. The added insulation will result in a quieter home with reduced heating and cooling bills. We also offer a variety of thermal-bridging insulators that help prevent the steel from tansferring temperatures from outside to inside and prevent the metal from becoming magnetized. We also install a thermal barrier product designed to prevent drywall streaking and staining that occurs when airborne dirt particles are attracted to the positively charged steel members beneath the wall surface.


Environmental Savings

Experts in many fields are looking for new building strategies and technologies that will help sustain affordable growth into the next century. By selecting steel framing for the structures built today, we can answer the demand for environmentally responsible products. Steel is the most commonly recycled material in the world, with over 67% of all steel used today coming from recycled material. It takes one-fourth of an acre to produce the framing for a typical wood framed home; the same house can be famed with steel from the recycled metal of just three to four junk cars! Increasingly steel framing is being recognized as the logical, environmentally responsible choice for homebuyers and builders today.



Tri-Steel homes are convenient to design and build. The Tri-Steel framing systems go up much like a giant erector set with components being bolted and screwed together quickly, easily, and with a minimum of scrap. Our homes can be built with any type of foundation and can be finished with any material available: brick, stucco, siding, etc.

Tri-Steel's unique framing system can be erected in a very short time using only 3 to 5 men. (on some multi-level designs, lifting equipment is helpful and recommended.) One of the advantages of the Tri-Steel home is that the exterior shell can be quickly weathered-in. Interior wall framing and finishing can then proceed in a dry, climate controlled environment, without regard for weather conditions that would normally have and adverse effect on conventional construction.


Construction Variety

Steel is a superior material in terms of its consistency, uniformity and predictability. These qualities allow our expert Technical Services Department to design Tri-Steel standard model floor plans with luxurious options. Because of its strength, steel can span greater distances offering large, open interior spaces and increased design flexibility.

Although you can choose from a multitude of home designs, the customizing aspects of Tri-Steel standard homes are without limits. Many homebuyers love our design, but need to make some changes, whether to add or delete square footage.


Eliminating Known Problems

If a steel framed home is not designed, planned, engineered and constructed properly, several problems can occur. Here are some examples:

Incorrect load and span charts used in the engineering process need to be replaced with information from a publication titled "Prescriptive Methods for Residential Steel Framing" which is furnished by the American Iron and Steel Institute.

  • Last minute or onsite alterations to a floorplan or steel framing package will require structural recertification.

  • Fire inside a metal home can potentially weaken the structure sooner than in a timber framed building. Once the flame is hot enough, steel will lose its temper. To prevent this from happening, our homes include additional fire detection, verification and suppression systems. Our homes also include drywall and other interior finshing materials that exceed all national fire codes. The likelihood of a fire burning long enough to cause structural damage is drastically reduced due to our fire prevention, structural engineering and materials selection plans.

  • A metal framed home is constructed of components that are planned and produced to exacting standards. This means the home will be sealed tightly to prevent energy concerns. Our homes include a properly balanced air exchanger system coupled to a whole-house ventilation and air circulation system.

  • These homes are assembled with bolts and screws which require some other popular tools not common in typical wood framed home building. Our crews are equipped with the tools and the know-how to get the job done on any type of building you order.

You can rest assured, Homyak Systems has taken care of all that we can to prevent these and other known issues.

Frequently Asked Questions


Building your new home with STEEL will take careful planning. You'll need to learn a few new tricks. So we hope that you wouldn't trust this to just anyone.

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