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Affordable Housing

Here are some examples of innovative affordable housing programs

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo, Nov 19, 1998, awarded nearly $800,000 to non-profit groups serving Paterson, New Jersey to train 53 high school drop-outs to build and renovate low-income housing and to support themselves as construction workers.

Housing authorities provide modest, clean and comfortable housing units for low-income families and for the elderly and disabled on fixed incomes. In addition, many housing authorities have offices that provide meeting places for educational and community events.

The Sunnyvale City Council approved a $1.2 million loan to First San Jose Housing to develop a 30-unit apartment complex on Weddell Drive for low-income residents.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs announced Thursday that the agency's governing board has approved 66 affordable-housing developments to receive $27.1 million in low-income housing tax credits. The tax credits were awarded through the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program that began in 1987.

The Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund (the "Trust Fund") was created by Mayor Richard M. Daley in 1989. The Trust Fund oversees rental assistance programs that meet the permanent housing needs of Chicago's poorest residents by providing grants to building owners and developers who agree to reduce rents to accomodate very low-income residents. .

There are many examples of why so many people are earning low income. The problem is usually caused by insufficient education, funding and planning at some point in the lives of those affected. We are aware of many of the causes and our perspectives are not only based on recognized facts, but on personal experience.

To encourage and facilitate "community self-development" in the twin-cites area, we are going to actively pursue a relationship with the Minnesota Housing Partnership.

The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless has the only statewide homelessness prevention program to leverage local efforts to provide housing and services needed to end homelessness. The Coalition informs the public about homelessness, its causes, and ways each person can take responsibility for ending homelessness.

Click here for a list of agencies working to stop homeless.


A report on homelessness in Minnesota
On August 27, 1998 the Department of Children, Families, and Learning reported that agencies sheltered 5,699 individuals in a variety of programs across the state. Nearly half (46%) of this population were children or unaccompanied youth. On the same night, 649 individuals were turned away from shelter (41% children/youth).


Here's our Affordable Housing proposal

Based on the successes of other affordable housing programs, we have planned to provide affordable housing, social services and youth advancement progams.

Key elements in our master plan for affordable housing:

  • Meetings with The Minnesota Housing Partnership
  • Selecting groups of low income persons
  • Conducting a needs assessment
  • Providing a statement of work
  • Selecting affordable building materials
  • Applying for Tax Credits to help raise Equity captial
  • Applying to designated financing programs
  • Arranging a project team of newly trained workers
  • Forming product and service partnerships
  • Developing employment and human resources programs
  • Selecting properties in rehabilitation zones
  • Producing affordable housing units
  • Delivering social services and day-care centers
  • Installing information technology products
  • Consolidating information about resources
  • Deploying programs for upward mobility

QT is exciting about providing affordable housing

The QuadShare' Virtual Interactive Home Builder™ and our network of providers will be available in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota in mid-to-late 2021. Citizens needing affordable housing can join our free service to put their needs together and match them with programs in the community. More in depth parties can buy an annual subscription to our digital power tools.

If you would like additional information on our soon-to-be-released Internet Application Suite or opportunities to work with us, please call 612-271-5203.

If you're going to do something about the housing shortage and the quality of life, we know that you wouldn't trust this to just anyone.

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QT's Mission and Profile

Mission Statement
To improve the quality of living by integrating affordable, safe and effective products and services for the mutual benefit of households, families and communities.

To develop and maintain an interactive resource network that helps consumers make informed choices and important decisions as we build and equip affordable homes and efficient lifestyles.

Company Profile
QT is a thirty year old housing research think-tank. We plan to emerge in Minnesota in the year 2021 and become the nations premier housing and lifestyle resource networking company during the next 15 years.

Back in the 1990's the firm had been managed and operated as a 302A Subchapter S corporation from our home offices in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota USA.

Systems and services developed by the company will serve prospective home buyers in planning and facilitating new home construction in the United States of American initially. Other nations coming soon.

We have prepared extensive business plans and investor relations policies. If you are interested in working with QuadShare please call us at 
612-271-5203 or send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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