Innerstanding the "AweSum!" Operating System

The theory is simple. Design home systems that are easy to use yet do not require a complete knowledge of how they work.

Our system is quite thoughtful in design element and environmental-friendliness. It will be largely hidden within the home.

Interactive touch-panels will be portable so that you could place one wherever you think best.

As an owner, you would know that it just works. It's capable of using all high-speed information networks and it serves several of the needs you may have within your household.

Our "AweSum!" Operating System will be a full-time 24-hour Instant-on information appliance that operates in the home to serve residents privately in their many situations. The cost of running this private in-home information appliance will be just a few cents per day.

Back in 1993 the Microsoft Corporation in America, famous for its closed source Windows Operating Systems, introduced their Microsoft Home series of software for a wide variety "at home topics" that they believed would grow their market share -- and it did for a time. As the internet became popular by 1998 Microsoft phased out their Home Software series -- leaving people to find other ways to be organized at home. Their decision left a wide chasm in the market which to this day has not been satisfied by any other of the tech sector. Today almost everyone has switched to the big borther paradigm by using their Smartphones to do almost everything. 

The "AweSum!" system, a very new free Open Source Software platform engineered in part by James Allen Homyak - our CEO and Webmaster, will fully integrate the products in the house -- as described on our Household Dynamics informational portal.

If a certain household product can't possibly be connected, like a screw driver or a tea cup, "AweSum!" will be programmed to recognize  that the home has that certain resource, such as compressed air, and instruct the household that such a resource exists ...and remind the person that they could be saving time and expense if they were to go for that one tool now, not later, to meet their need in a given circumstance. This capability offers virtually unlimited features, advantages and benefits.

Creating "AweSum!" was also our way of implementing the concept know as "the Internet of things" and you will get everything you need to help you privately own the "AweSum!" system for yourselves in your own household... and if the internet goes down for any reason you will still have full access to all of your precious data and your necessary programs. The technology systems platform beneath "AweSum!" will be designed to operate on low-voltage direct current in order to function on battery power or sustainable green energy. 


Building with resource efficient materials has been accepted by home builders and several other federal agencies funded by income tax revenues paid in by the American people.

Homyak Systems will be doing the following to benefit from the theory:

  1. Selecting materials from suppliers who have on-line digital catalogs and application program interfaces......
  2. Designing homes with assistance from advanced steel framing designers......
  3. Selecting programmers who understand and can help us in moving beyond MVC frameworks......
  4. We will be building Service Oriented Architectures and API platforms as our expert systems......
  5. Selecting designers with artistic abilities and love for youth advancement......
  6. Developing a limited-capability system prototype and a full capability system......
  7. Selecting property to house our future development laboratory......
  8. Contract negotiations with:
    1. Lawyers
    2. Bankers
    3. Developers
    4. Suppliers and Contractors
    5. Partnering firms
  9. Developing employment programs......
  10. Proposing developments in the housing industry......
  11. Opening retail marketing channels......
  12. Developing full-blown advertising and media promotions......
  13. Delving into humanitarian projects.....
  14. Focus on ISO 20022 over the forseeable future.....
  15. Improving upon United Nations and League of Nations tenets as an American offshoot.....
  16. Starting new businesses as Unicorporated Business Organizations.....
  17. Trust Entity Formation Coaching.....

Interactive systems will become even more incredible as massively-parallel processing becomes affordable in the next couple years.

Today, the quad Pentium (or multiprocessor cores) systems are capable of entry-level voice emulation. Tomorrow, fully personalized recognition products will be available.

A combination of  telephone, television, and personal portable information products has already taken place with the introduction of the latest multimedia desktop Personal Computers and nearly all smartphones.

We require modular mass-storage, multi-processor devices suited to be built into new buildings. We will invest in the very latest symmetric multi-processor technology. We will develop a private in-home broad-band digital data network, thus creating the new standard in household digital communications.

The phone company is ready with their part. The Internet backbones are ready with their part. The home industry is ready with its part. Household Dynamics is getting ready with our part -- the plans to integrate home systems with new interactive operating system software. We hope you can afford to get us going. A few hundred thousand dollars will go a very long way to reaching all of these goals.

"AweSum!" could be considered the future in communication programming required to facilitate process management within home information systems. Several object oriented device protocols will be managed interactively by the owners. These various device protocols will handle the physical connections to home equipment. The home equipment will range from communications systems to energy management systems and from audio/video systems to personal portable communication equipment such as cell phones, health monitoring devices and global positioning sensors.

"AweSum!" will feature the state-of-the-art in voice-interactive dialog capabilities much like Amazon's Echo and Alexa Devices and Apple's Siri voice assistance platforms. Now imagine being able to have separate technological instances of your own voice and your own conscious awareness that bring you your daily routines in your own "self-to-self feedback loop" based on your own block-chain that you own along with its open source code.

We're there now and much of the heavy lifting has already been done. 

People that we've talked with over the recent few years (2018 to 2020) have expressed concerns. Their vocal privacy in their homes has come into question with the above communication programs. It's been alledged the Alexa and Siri take everything said to places far away ourside of their homes. Who else could intercept the talk and profit from it in unimaginable ways?

We think people would love to switch over to private home systems. 

In addition to world class programming capability, the design element of materials in our homes will meet or exceed all standards in housing organizations on a world-wide level.

The "AweSum!" system will be operated directly by our full-motion, full-color, flat-panel interactive touch display or any telephone or PC computer. The user interface is highly proprietary and will not be discussed in this volume of the business plan. "AweSum!" is an unlimited information display world created and manipulated by the user. The configuration of "AweSum!" will be customized for each individual home.

With our network of suppliers helping us integrate this grouping of products, will have an overall capability of delivering a system geared toward end users serving themselves on a privatized basis. At the same time, homes built by HD will be credited for so many advantages with respect to the environment.  

The future in credit card sized communication products will be the next wave of products that we will offer to all ages from children to seniors. New programs and interoperability will be possible with these.

Application services include multimedia and entertainment, home banking and shopping, data communications and user changeable programs. Future opportunities include human service delivery, lifestyle management, child development, consumer protection, home education and home health-care delivery. Active households need the "AweSum!" Operating  System.


Health Management

    - Diet tracking

    - Fitness tracking

    - Doctor selection

    - Medical Records

    - Insurance Data


Family Planning

    - Parenting

    - Recording

    - Insurance

    - Accountability


Financial Planning

    - Insurance

    - Investment

    - Accounting

    - Auditing

Home Office

    - Phone

    - Fax

    - Records

    - Printing

    - Administration



    - Curricula

    - Testing

    - Multimedia

    - Library


Home Energy

    - Waste reduction

    - Recycling

    - Co-generation

    - Low Voltage


HOMIX was the original name for this Operating System, which Jim invented in 1988. Now today, an Italian Electric Utility Company has come up with a HOMIX of their own and they have money to work with too. So, therefore, rather than to become litigious, we have now become the makers of "AweSum!" as the revision to HOMIX.